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Back To My Roots

Yosh! It’s been a while since my last post. This is mostly due to the hectic nature of a student’s life. Classes,exams,assignments and all sorts of crap gets in the way. Well that’s just how life’s work. Sigh

Anyway I would like to tell a story about what got me interested in anime,manga and video games. What defines me as a person. Let’s get started then.

1.Pokemon (2000)

Pokemon. Yeah, I still remembered how I accidentally watched Pokemon. I was 9, drowsy waking up from bed because I need to go to school. There was a cartoon slot from 7- 9 a.m, showcasing a lot of  kids oriented anime. I turned on the t.v, and watched this new show called Pokemon. It was the first episode where Ash met Pikachu for the first time. I noticed something different about this show. It was the first show that introduced me to the concept of interaction between a human (trainer) and a monster. Like Ash, I was too amazed by the slight  glimpse of  a mythical bird Pokemon (later was known as Ho-oh) flew to the horizon. I was immediately hooked. 

At school, the Pokemon craze started to go viral. A lot of students went and bought a Gameboy, so they can play Pokemon Red/Blue. The Pokemon trading card game was also popular, with students bringing their collections to swap cards and battle during the lunchtime. They battle/trade  their Pokemons using the link cable, and a lot of Gameboy was confiscated because it was illegal to bring a Gameboy to school.  It was really crazy back then at school.

Shit just got real

A year later, I managed to play my first Pokemon game, Pokemon Blue. This was the first JRPG that I played in my life, and it was the first JRPG that I managed to complete too. A lot of fond memories I’ve had with this game, especially when my sister and I spent an hour travelling blindly in the dark cave after the second gym because we did not have HM Flash. Walking in random directions, listening to the sound cues when we hit the cave’s wall, battling random mountain guys that used rock type Pokemon (Geodude, Zubat and etc), were all the difficulties that we have to endure  just to get out of the cave.We were really happy when we managed to survive and get out of that cave safely.  THANK YOU SQUIRTLE! And the ability to travel to Kanto and battling Red in Pokemon Gold/Silver really blew my mind back then.

It was the first game that introduced the term RPG for me. Since then, my taste in games are mostly JRPG oriented. Without Pokemon, I wouldn’t be introduced to the concept of having an adventure in a video game. So thank you Pokemon!



Animution is a weekly column (hopefully) where I rant/complain /admire about the anime that I watched recently.

The Butterfly Effect.Divergence. Action and consequences. Discrepancy. These are all the theories and terms  that are mostly associated with one enigmatic phenomenon that still intrigues me, time-travelling. I admit that I easily get excited with stories that incorporated time travelling mechanism in them, regardless of the medium. So when I heard about an anime series that tightly woven its plots with time-travelling mysteries, my body is ready for it.                     

steins;gate is an anime based on a popular Visual Novel game developed by 5pb. and Nitroplus for the Xbox 360 and PC in Japan. From what I’ve read recently, there’s a possibility that the game would be released to the western market, eventhough there is already an English  translation patch released by the fans for the PC version lurking somewhere in the internet last year.

The characters in steins;gate

The anime was aired from April 2010 to September the following year, consists of 24 episodes. From the general consensus among the anime fans, it was one of the best anime last year. So I was really excited based on the positive reactions it received. There are maybe some minor spoilers that I may accidentally write, but I try my best not to. Anyway generally the story follows  a cast unique characters that got tangled up with some time-travelling experiments.Okay, the pacing of the story is kinda like Darker than Black-ish, where it starts pretty slow but gets interesting really fast. So you have been warned. But once the mysteries of time travelling mechanics kicks in, you will be hooked and desperately wanting to know what happen next in the story. The cast of characters are pretty strong too, with the lead male character, Rintaro Okabe, a narcissistic, delusional, self-proclaimed ‘mad scientist’  provides an interesting take on male characters that we rarely seen in anime nowadays. He believes that ‘The Organization’ is watching him constantly, and it is his responsibility to fight them back with his inventions. He convinced that ”The Organization’ is ruling the world in the shadows, and it is up to him to stop the world ruling and creates chaos and destruction. He is being helped by 2 of his friends, a hacker named Itaru ‘Daru’ Hashida, and his childhood friend, Mayuri Shiina. Together they formed ‘Future Gadgets Lab’, an amateur lab that are placed on top of a CRT-repairing store. Then he meets up with Kurisu Makise, a prodigal genius that has a high level of curiosity in her. The story progresses after he met her, with some unexpected twist in the mix to keep me glued to my monitor screen. The plot is really good, tackling the time travelling theme makes it a standout compared to other anime. The quality of the anime is really high, with striking art design for the characters. In an era where moe characters are prevalent in the anime industry, the character design  is a breath of fresh air. The music is good too, especially the piano score that resonates with me well.

Anyway if you looking for  thought-provoking anime to watch, this anime is just for you.The interesting plots with unique characters will leave you wanting more . So just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride..